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Our team in Sioux Falls has built a special group of partners in the local commercial real estate & construction community. This allows us to provide the best value in construction to our clients.

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  • Secure Vendor Login
  • Database Management
  • Multiple Admin Tools
  • Multiple Project Settings
  • Project File Storage

Cost Segregation Analysis

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Mark Luke Construction in Sioux Falls uses the latest in web-based project management. Shareplans software allows management on large and small projects with the ease of the internet. This integrated plan ensures quick response, faster building, and less downtime between the contractors and the clients. We use yesterday’s work ethic with today’s modern approach.

Integrated Construction Sioux Falls

Mark Luke construction in Sioux Falls coordinates with CPAs to establish a system to capture cost segregation information upfront in the construction process. This is the best time to acquire this information and it is the least costly time to capture it. This means our team will accelerate your construction depreciation schedule with the IRS, saving you in income taxes. Although it does cost money to accumulate this data, we need the information for many real estate development and investment projects we are constructing, and therefore have committed to provide this very valuable service at no cost to our clients who are able to use it.

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Mark Luke Construction in Sioux Falls employs the latest web based construction management software to manage your project, and continue to make quality, economy foremost on your building, to track and optimize the schedule of the project.



Your construction process is a huge investment, and we recognize that. You want it done right the first time, and you want it on a budget. You can trust our Sioux Falls construction company to correctly structure your investment and deliver you to success.

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  • Lowers Printing Costs
  • Manage Teams Quickly
  • Speeds Project Timelines
  • Keep Track of Information
  • Reduces Project Budget